Ongoing Consultancy

As our most comprehensive programme of long-term, tailored support, Ongoing Consultancy usually follows an Initial Consultation, during which a general plan of action will have been drawn up.

Ongoing Consultation clients work closely with both an assigned expert mentor and with the wider team for specific topics from the first session through arrival and enrolment at an appropriate school or university. Following a programme tailored to each student’s individual requirements, we provide hands-on guidance, support and counsel on a step-by-step basis throughout the admissions process.

Key areas of attention may include:

  • University shortlisting and selection
  • In-depth analysis of ‘ideal’ candidate profiles for shortlisted institutions
  • Advice on admissions testing 
  • Admissions test tuition guidance
  • Comprehensive review of existing education credentials
  • Guidance on application plans (Early Decision, Early Action, or Regular Decision)
  • Thorough personal essay development process
  • Reference letters and referee relationship management
  • Recommendations and support with campus visits
  • Advice on financial aid and scholarship (academic and sports)

Begin your application with us

Our On-going consultancy services begin with an Initial Consultation, in which we develop a bespoke strategy for preparation. To book your first consultation, contact us


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