Nearly all highly ranked US universities require applicants to submit scores from one of the US admission tests -- either the SAT (also called SAT I) or the ACT. A strong test score is crucial to a successful application and because these exams differ greatly from those on traditional UK or international syllabi, they can be an extremely challenging element of the admissions process. 

Some students may also be asked to to sit supplementary SAT II Subject Tests.

The SAT (both I and II) and the ACT are standardised, multiple-choice pre-entry exams offered by competing examination organisations, and candidates may opt to take one or both exams. Additionally, students may choose to take the exams more than once in order to raise their score, thereby increasing their chances of admission and likelihood of scholarship.

Dukes US Applications provides expert guidance and support at every stage of preparation, whether choosing between the SAT and the ACT; preparing for a specific subject test; or customising a structured tuition plan to optimise your scores. 

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